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Big Build Makes a Big Impact in Rhode Island

BB1-Thumb In August, Nordson employees participated in this year's Big Build project at Children's Friend in Rhode Island.

SNAPSHOT: 20 years Leading Nordson Impact

Cecilia Render

Celebrating 20 years as Executive Director of the Nordson Corporation Foundation, Cecilia Render talks with Nordson Today about her career with Nordson.

Nordson's Talent Pipeline in Action: Meet Jordan Hyde

Jordan Hyde Thumb By providing STEM learning opportunities in our communities and supporting students through college, Nordson aims to build relationships with students like Jordan Hyde long before their careers begin.

Leroy Ott Celebrates 55 Years at Nordson

Ott Thumb Leroy Ott began his career at U.S. Automatic Corporation, which would later become Nordson Corporation, in 1964.

Apprenticeships: How Six Nordson Teams Are Recruiting Students and Breaking Stigmas

App2Thumb Six Nordson teams share how their innovative approaches to recruiting are kick starting careers in manufacturing.

Nordson MEDICAL Team Works Double Time to Help Save a Life

CUC Team The team was tasked with delivering a product that was in development phase in just two weeks - normally a four to five week process.

Interactive - Our Time to Give Campaign Raised Nearly $1 Million

Chippewa Falls We're so proud of the Nordson Impact our teams across the U.S. made last year. Now, in light of Nordson's Continuous growth, we're also able to have an impact in communities around the world.

Interactive - Our Nordson Impact Around the World

Brazil At Nordson, we take pride in our shared efforts to support the communities where we live and work. We've been working together with that purpose in mind since our company was founded, and our growth…

Employees in Germany Biking to Work

Germany1-Thumb From May through August during this year's Bike to Work initiative, 45 employees biked a total of 16,330 miles (26,280 km) on their commutes

Nordson Joins Partnership to Advance Innovation and Technology in Singapore


Government and business leaders meet in Singapore to join a partnership aimed at advancing innovation in Southeast Asia.

Anne Pombier Receives Women in Transactions Award

AP_Thumb Q & A With Anne Pombier, Recipient of "Women in Transactions" Award

Q&A on Nordson's New Women in Manufacturing Membership

Women in Manufacturing-th

Nordson’s membership in the Women in Manufacturing trade association will provide the company tools to recruit, retain and inspire women to build their careers in the manufacturing industry.

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