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Conflict Minerals

April 2015

Dear Valued Customer:

We appreciate your inquiry concerning Nordson Corporation’s (and any of its subsidiaries, collectively referred to as “Nordson”) policy and practices concerning the use of “conflict minerals” originating from the Democratic Republic of Congo or an adjoining country.

Due to the complexities of our supply chain, we are currently unable to verify with certitude the origin of all metals procured and used by our metals supply chain manufacturers in the production of sub-assemblies or components that are integrated eventually into a Nordson end product. Nordson does not source any of these materials directly. In most cases, Nordson is several layers removed from the procurement of these types of materials and purchases components already assembled for integration into our manufacturing processes. Pursuant to Nordson's Conflict Mineral Policy, our suppliers are expected to  put in place procedures for the traceability of conflict minerals at least to the smelter or refiner level, working with their direct and indirect suppliers, as applicable, and where possible, to source conflict minerals from smelters and refiners validated as being conflict free, and require their direct and indirect suppliers to do the same.

Please also note that, pursuant to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s final rules for conflict minerals mandated by Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, any product purchased by our customers that is used by our customers in a manufacturing process, but is not included in such customers’ final product, is out of scope of the conflict minerals reporting required by the final rules and so, our conflict minerals data is not required.
Nordson is currently undertaking a process to determine the origin of such materials.  However, this process requires the cooperation of all of the numerous entities in our metals supply chain and is expected to take additional time to complete. Please contact your respective Nordson business representative for additional information. We appreciate your patience as we undertake this process and anticipate providing you with a complete response to your request as soon as practicable.

Nordson Corporation
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