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Leaders in Nordson Philanthropy

Walter Nord 1
Walter G. Nord
believed that if a person made a good living, then it was their responsibility to give something back to those less fortunate and to the community where they reside.  His vision, and that of his wife, Virginia, created what has become The Nordson Corporation Foundation.

Eric Nord
Eric Nord
, along with his brother, institutionalized the Foundation by writing it into the charter of Nordson Corporation with a generous commitment of 5 percent of pretax domestic profit directed to the community.  The philanthropic spirit of Eric and his wife, Jane, has launched many community endeavors throughout Lorain County communities and Northeast Ohio.

Evan Nord
Evan Nord
and his wife, Cindy, exemplified philanthropy in action.  Their giving spirit ignited the creation and proliferation of such organizations as The Oberlin Historical and Improvement Organization (O.H.I.O.), The Oberlin Early Childhood Center and Common Ground.  The Nordson Depot has been a free resource for the community for many years, thanks to Evan's creativity and commitment.

Jim Doughman
James (Jim) Doughman
worked for many years as Nordson's representative in the community.  Affectionately called "Mr. Nordson," Jim was known for making people feel welcome and part of any activity in which he was involved.  He worked tirelessly to shepherd new nonprofits, like Cityview Neighborhood Center, and to strengthen the United Way organization in Lorain County.

Constance Haqq
Constance T. Haqq
became the first executive director of The Nordson Corporation Foundation.  The creation of her position brought all of Nordson philanthropic activities under one umbrella. 
Bill Madar
William (Bill) P. Madar
created the structure of the Foundation that exists today.  His vision enabled decision making to extend outside the director's realm to include Nordson employees in all domestic locations.  The Time 'n Talent employee volunteer program and the Partners in Education program were initiated under his leadership.  Bill's diligent service as a board member for many nonprofit organizations and his vision helped create The Center for Leadership in Education.

Mike Hilton
Michael F. Hilton
is the current president of The Nordson Corporation Foundation.  As such, it will be under his guidance that the Foundation will position itself for the future.  Mike's commitment to good philanthropic stewardship will ensure that Nordson will be assisting worthwhile community projects for years to come.

Cecilia Render
Cecilia H. Render
is the current executive director of The Nordson Corporation Foundation.  Under her leadership the Foundation has focused its giving in the area of education.  It is thought that a more focused approach will make a larger impact in our communities.
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