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Imagine what we can do together.

Nordson is a team of 7,500 global employees thriving in an environment where they are supported and encouraged to be their best. Working side by side, we build meaningful connections with each other and our customers.

Whether you’re working in one of our labs, offices or manufacturing facilities, your efforts enable our customers to succeed and our company to continuously improve and grow.

Our customers are our partners, and we are at our best when we collaborate and work hand-in-hand. Together, we deliver products that are solutions, and they’re likely touching your life every day. Have you ever changed a diaper? Opened a box of cereal? Used a smart phone or driven a car? Then we’ve already met.

When you care, it shows.

At Nordson, our passion for improvement and growth extends beyond the office walls and into the communities around the world where we live and work. We strongly believe it is our responsibility as a good corporate citizen to share our success with our communities, which is why we donate 5 percent of our U.S. pre-tax profits to support charitable endeavors every year.

In 2018, Nordson contributed $10 million to communities around the world where our employees live and work, bringing the total invested over our history to $100 million.

Visit Life at Nordson to learn more about how we give back and the Nordson Impact.

Great things can happen when talent meets opportunity

If you’re a seasoned professional who’s interested in being surrounded by other smart, ambitious and motivated people, then Nordson is for you.

We hire people with passion and a drive to be the best. At Nordson, our employees thrive in a team environment where we support each other to unlock our potential. Put your skills to good use as part of a talented and inclusive team focused on delivering precision solutions that help our customers and communities succeed and grow.

Our unique, global culture means whether our associates are in a lab in Germany, at a tradeshow in Michigan or on a government task force in Singapore, we share a commitment to innovation, technology, collaboration, safety and quality.

Working side-by-side, imagine what we can do together

At Nordson, you will recognize many of the principles you valued in active duty. Teamwork. Taking pride in what you do. Valuing new ideas. An environment that fosters learning, teaching and leadership.

We strive to bring integrity, respect for others, passion, energy and excellence to our work and with our customers. Reach your full potential while you help us continuously improve and grow.

Join a company that is steering the future

Your studies are preparing you for life after school, but there’s nothing more valuable than hands-on work experience. Our internship and co-op programs offer a unique opportunity to gain knowledge from experts in fields including mechanical engineering, logistics and marketing.

Whether fresh from college or an expert in your field, it’s all about having the greatest impact in your role. How can you go the extra mile and make a difference? Develop your business acumen in an environment where helping you thrive is of the utmost importance. Hone your leadership skills in the halls of a global market leader. Do something with meaning, not just to the company, but also in the surrounding community.

Serving a Purpose. Everyday, Every where

A global movement doesn’t happen with just one person. It takes a diverse team united behind something big.

At Nordson, being an outstanding corporate citizen is in our blood. We strongly believe in sharing our success by engaging with and investing in the communities where our employees live and work.

As we grow, we use our passion and respect for others and our community to positively impact more people each year through volunteering, donations, scholarships, sustainability and more. Take the employees in Lueneburg, Germany, who launched an annual Bike to Work initiative, with 45 associates logging 26,280 km over four months, inspiring lasting changes to the team's lifestyle, culture and even their facility. Or the team who saw the waste produced by traditional adhesive and sealant cartridges and created a collapsible two-component cartridge that reduces plastic waste by 85 percent.


We encourage all employees to make a difference in our communities in the ways that are most meaningful to them, offering six community engagement programs that together create The Nordson Impact.

What’s Next?

Here is how you can apply now!

Our employees thrive in an environment where we support each other to reach our personal best and enable our company to continuously improve and grow. We share our success by engaging with and giving back to the communities around the world where our employees live and work. We invite you to collaborate, grow and make a difference
at Nordson.

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