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See how our industrial machinery, manufacturing supplies, parts and systems are adaptable to a variety of applications

Nordson produces industrial machinery designed to solve problems in an expansive set of diverse industries. Our manufacturing supplies, parts and fully-integrated systems can be applied to solve problems in consumer durable, non-durable, industrial, medical and electronic-end markets. Want to know if Nordson offers manufacturing machinery to support your business? Browse industries below, or use our faceted search function at left to find the product you need faster. 



Overview of adhesive and sealant dispensing, extrusion and injection molding products and systems for aerospace body, component, and electronics assembly, fabrication and finishing.

Agriculture, Lawn and Garden

agriculture_thumb Overview of powder coating, liquid painting, adhesive and sealant dispensing, injection molding and extrusion solutions.  Lawn mowers, tractors, garden tools, components, more...

Animal Health

Animal Health Nordson offers a full range of best-in-class disposable dosing syringes used for primary packaging and drug delivery of creams, gels, and pastes in the animal health industry.



Overview of powder coating, liquid painting, finishing and assembly products and solutions for the appliance industry. Washers, dryers, refrigerators, more...

Automotive and Transportation


Overview of adhesive and sealant dispensing, coating, finishing and related solutions for the automotive industry. Body, glass, sunroof, power train, wheel, stamping, lamp assembly, more...


Battery Industry Overview of Nordson's adhesive and sealant dispensing, coating, micro jetting and high-volume encapsulation solutions for the battery manufacturing industry.



Overview of products for chemical handling and processing applications.  Pelletizing, compounding, single use plastic fluid management components, two component (2K) mixers, more..


Construction and Architectural

Construction and Architectural

Overview of adhesive and sealant dispensing, coating, finishing and related solutions for construction. Aluminum extrusions, fixtures, flooring, doors, windows and more....



Overview of precision dispensing and application equipment for applications in the defense industry.  Vehicles, electronics, metal fabrication, injection molding and extrusion, more...

Disposable Hygiene and Nonwovens


Overview of dispensing, coating and lamination solutions for disposable hygiene industry.   Baby diapers, feminine care, adult incontinence, medical products, more... 



Overview of products for electrical applications.  Polymer processing products for wire and cable manufacturing, sealant and adhesive dispense valves, more...

Electronics - Assembly and Packaging

Electronics - Assembly and Packaging

Overview of dispense, plasma treatment, x-ray inspection, bond testing and related equipment for electronics assembly - PCB, speakers, cameras, sensors, cases, more...

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