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Industrial Liquid Painting Equipment

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Rotary Atomizer Technology

Color Max 2 The patented RA-20 rotary atomizer delivers painting efficiency and superior finishing quality and operating safety in liquid applications.

Plural Component Technology

Plural Component Technology Nordson Optimix plural component technology is an electronic mixing and proportioning unit for the processing of solvent and water-based paints.

Engineered System Capabilities

Engineered System Capabilities Nordson’s engineered liquid system solutions are designed so you will benefit from increased productivity, reduced material usage and improved product performance.


Technical Support

Support Contact us for technical support, troubleshooting, or identification of spare / replacement parts.



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Spare Parts and Parts Replacement

Spare Parts and Parts Replacement Our Customer Service representatives are on-hand to help you order spare or replacement parts, and can also assist you with signing-up for ecommerce solutions (USA only).

Lab Capabilities

Lab Capabilities At our state-of-the-art customer test facility, we work closely with customers and painted material suppliers to carry out extensive testing and demonstration prior to purchasing.

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