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Calculate Your Savings

Nordson calculators help you evaluate the potential benefits of Nordson hot melt systems, as well as better understand your current adhesive use. Each calculator requires input of a variety of information, so remember that the accuracy of the results depends on the accuracy of the data you enter.

Please contact your Nordson representative for a personal demonstration or more information regarding the use or results of these calculators. 


Calculator Adhesive and Substrate Savings Calculator - Estimate the reduction/savings in adhesive use and substrate (film and nonwoven) thickness you can attain with a Nordson variation management system.

Calculator Adhesive Bead Savings Calculator - Calculate adhesive cost savings you can realize by changing to a stitched/intermittent bead pattern rather than using a solid bead line.

Calculator Adhesive Use Calculator - Determine adhesive use of stitched bead patterns by product and/or by day.

Calculator BTU Usage Calculator - Calculate energy costs for shifts and annualized to operate a Nordson SP pump or Best Choice™ module.

Calculator  DUET Elastic Strand Adhesive Calculator - Estimate annual adhesive savings for elastic strand coating applications when utilizing Nordson’s Duet™ applicator technology.

Calculator Elastic Adhesive Cost Calculator - Estimate annual adhesive savings possible when using Nordson technology for elastic strand application.

Calculator Foam System Savings Calculator - Calculate potential adhesive savings and system payback of using Nordson adhesive foaming technology.

Calculator Freedom System Savings Calculator - Discover all of the benefits and savings of the new Freedom® Hot Melt Dispensing System. 

Calculator Fulfill® Fill System Savings Calculator - Calculate annual savings of automating your adhesive melter filling process.

Calculator Labeling Payback Calculator - Estimate reduction of maintenance time and adhesive waste, as well as increased production, by switching from an open wheel pot to a Nordson non-contact system.

Calculator Module Life Calculator - Calculate the life of an® module or the Speed-Coat® module with PatternJet™ applicator.

Calculator Packaging Cost Calculator - Determine packaging cost savings using Nordson hot melt versus tape application.

Calculator Power Consumption Calculator - Calculate energy (electrical and air usage) for ProBlue, Liberty and Freedom systems with MiniBlue, SolidBlue,

Calculator Product Savings Calculator - Calculate the labor time and cost you can save with the easy-maintenance of genuine Nordson equipment.

Calculator PURJet 30 Cost Model Calculator - Calculate cost savings when using Nordson’s PURJet™ Series precise system technology versus standard product assembly methods.

Calculator PUR Cost Model Calculator - Compare the costs of  PUR adhesive application of various material forms from small cartridges up to bulk drums.

Calculator System Recap Field Guide Calculator - See how much maintenance and adhesive savings you can realize with ProBlue adhesive systems.

Calculator Total Cost of Operation Calculator - Estimate and compare total cost of ownership for various scenarios for acquiring adhesive materials and application systems.

Calculator Unity Cost Model Calculator - Calculate cost savings from manufacturing consumer electronics with Unity™ systems versus either tape or competitive adhesive systems.

Calculator Web Coating Calculator - Estimate the reduction/savings in adhesive and substrate (film and nonwoven) thickness when using consistent, accurate Nordson dispensing systems.

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