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Hot Melt & Liquid Glue Applicators/Guns

Nordson air-operated (pneumatic) and electric hot melt applicators deliver precise adhesive application even at high-line speeds. A wide choice of adhesive dispensers, guns and hot melt valve nozzles provide adhesive pattern flexibility and easily integrate into parent machinery. Whether applying adhesive dots or beads in stitching or solid lines, Nordson hot melt and liquid glue applicators provide clean cutoff and accurate, repeatable material deposition and adhesive pattern development.

Pneumatic, electric, meteringslot and liquid adhesive applicators, as well as handheld guns, are part of the wide array of Nordson choices to suit your manufacturing needs.

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AD Series Handguns

AD Series Handguns Compact, lightweight handguns for hot melt adhesive application flexibility

AG-900+ Modular Dispensing Applicators

AG-900+ Modular Dispensing Applicators Reliable, accurate dispensing for high performance material application

AltaSlot? Applicators

AltaSlot? Applicators Continuous or intermittent hot melt adhesive application for variety of applications including disposable hygiene

Altaspray-i? Applicators

Altaspray-i? Applicators AltaSpray-i applicators provide the flexibility and performance capabilities of a single-platform, hot melt adhesive dispensing design for mid-speed intermittent spray applications. The streamlined,…

AltaSpray? Plus Applicators

AltaSpray? Plus Applicators Production efficiency and reduced cost for nonwovens disposable hygiene manufacturing processes

AltaSpray?-c Applicator

AltaSpray?-c Applicator AltaSpray?-c applicators provide the flexibility and performance capabilities of a single-platform, hot melt adhesive dispensing design. The initial investment and ongoing cost of ownership are…

BC Coating & Laminating Applicators

BC Coating & Laminating Applicators Adjustable, wide-width coating for reliable intermittent and continuous applications

Control Coat? QE Applicators

Control Coat? QE Applicators Non-contact material delivery improves manufacturing and quality of nonwovens disposable hygiene articles

Duet? Dual Dispense Applicator

Duet? Dual Dispense Applicator Optimize adhesive use and improve performance for elastic attachment applications in nonwovens disposable hygiene products Electric Guns Electric Guns All-electric guns provide precise, high-speed dot placement with quiet operation and a long service life in a compact size

E-400 Electric Guns

E-400 Electric Guns Optimum performance and superior accuracy for high-speed bead applications

EB 60 Flex Edge Banding Slot Applicator

EB 60 Flex Edge Banding Slot Applicator Saleable panels from the first panel with edge-on-demand technology for high-quality, efficient panel production

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