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Tape and Label 

Nordson coating systems integrate seamlessly into numerous presses and production machinery used in the specialty tape and label industries, including label-stock manufacture and add-on printing. A wide range of pressure-sensitive and hot melt adhesive delivery systems apply backcoating, protective overcoat, pattern printing and ultraviolet to continuous web processes. 

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Control Coat? QE Applicators

Control Coat? QE Applicators Non-contact material delivery improves manufacturing and quality of nonwovens disposable hygiene articles

DuraDrum? Bulk Melters (Heated)

DuraDrum? Bulk Melters (Heated) Simply, efficiently process hot melt materials, protecting adhesive integrity and providing production flexibility

DuraPail? Bulk Melters (Heated)

DuraPail? Bulk Melters (Heated) Bulk material processing with simple operation and low maintenance offers production flexibility

EP 11 Slot Applicators

EP 11 Slot Applicators High-quality intermittent coating with precise adhesive cutoff and control

Speed-Coat? Slot Applicators

Speed-Coat? Slot Applicators Intermittent and continuous coating with precise cutoff and accurate cross-web distribution

Universal? Modules

Universal? Modules Hot melt adhesive UM modules and Speed-Coat? modules for accurate, reliable dispensing

VersaBlue? Melters

VersaBlue? Melters Tank melters offer quick set-up, easy operation and simplified maintenance in using hot melt adhesive

VersaBlue? Plus Melters

VersaBlue? Plus Melters Optional monitoring and integrated closed-loop control of material flow and pattern placement

VersaBlue? XC Series Melters

VersaBlue? XC Series Melters For high-consumption disposable hygiene applications that require precise, dependable adhesive delivery

VersaBlue? XN Series Melters

VersaBlue? XN Series Melters Up to two melt tanks to dispense different adhesives in disposable hygiene applications

VersaDrum? Bulk Melters (Heated)

VersaDrum? Bulk Melters (Heated) Drum melters protect bonding characteristics and prevent thermal stress in adhesives, sealants and butyls

Wide Web Spray Lamination Applicator

Wide Web Spray Lamination Applicator Control adhesive fiber deposition in a cross-web direction to improve bond performance

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