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Electronics manufacturing, particularly mobile consumer devices, is seeing shorter product life cycles requiring more flexible production processes. Nordson adhesive and sealant application systems dispense a wide range of products for electronic and electrical component manufacturing, including intricate, thin-line dispensing needed for increasingly minaturized personal communication devices as well as foam-in-place gasketing for larger consumer electronics. The precise control of Nordson systems increases productivity and quality of plastic bonding, electronic assembly, gasketing, hot melt molding, encapsulating and shielding applications.

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AltaPail? II Bulk Melters (Heated)

AltaPail? II Bulk Melters (Heated) Precise, demanding variable-speed adhesive application from 20-liter/5-gallon pails

BBconn Cloud and Control System

BBconn Cloud and Control System This dynamic new platform opens the door to complete machine integration, which means users can now operate all equipment from a single interface. BBconn Controls allows Nordson's equipment to easily…

DuraBlue? II Melters

DuraBlue? II Melters Provide easy, reliable material delivery for low to mid-speed adhesive bonding processes.

DuraBlue? Melters

DuraBlue? Melters Simple installation, set-up, operation and maintenance for automated and handgun manufacturing operations

FoamMelt? Dispensing System

FoamMelt? Dispensing System Provides high-volume dispensing of foamed hot melt materials for a variety of bonding, sealing, gluing and gasketing applications

ProMeter? VDK Module

ProMeter? VDK Module Compact gear metering precisely controls application of hot melt silicones, butyls and adhesives


Sapphire The Sapphire? applicator is an ultra-high speed applicator that delivers precise and repeatable adhesive placement,

TrueBlue? Preventive Maintenance Service Plans

TrueBlue? Preventive Maintenance Service Plans Highly trained Nordson technicians provide detailed service to achieve outstanding system performance that meets the original factory specifications, as well as preparing the necessary documents to…

TrueBlue? Service Plans - North America

TrueBlue? Service Plans - North America Choose one of three plans, executed by factory-trained Nordson technical representatives, that best meets the level of service for your operation.?

Unity? 4XP Automated Dispensing System

Unity? 4XP Automated Dispensing System Dispense precise hot melt beads while adjusting for material viscosity changes

Unity? Basic Series

Unity? Basic Series Use easy teaching options to simplify the setup and programming processes

Unity? IC Series Dispensers

Unity? IC Series Dispensers An intelligent dispensing solution that is capable of automatically compensating bead size using an optional vision system

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