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Nordson application systems handle a wide range of materials -- including the next generation, high-performance adhesives, sealants and mastics -- used to assemble, bond and seal transportation vehicles. Cost and production efficiencies can be realized with Nordson foaming technology and automated systems. Automotive applications include: firewall module, fixed side glass, grille & HVAC gasketing; interior trim & lamp bonding; and, weather stripping.

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AD Series Handguns

AD Series Handguns Compact, lightweight handguns for hot melt adhesive application flexibility

AG-900+ Modular Dispensing Applicators

AG-900+ Modular Dispensing Applicators Reliable, accurate dispensing for high performance material application

AltaBlue? Touch Series Melters

AltaBlue? Touch Series Melters Optional, integrated pressure & flow monitoring and control for demanding applications such as nonwovens

AltaBlue? TT Melters

AltaBlue? TT Melters Visual and graphical controls provide easy operation and maintenance

AltaPail? II Bulk Melters (Heated)

AltaPail? II Bulk Melters (Heated) Precise, demanding variable-speed adhesive application from 20-liter/5-gallon pails

BBconn Cloud and Control System

BBconn Cloud and Control System This dynamic new platform opens the door to complete machine integration, which means users can now operate all equipment from a single interface. BBconn Controls allows Nordson's equipment to easily…

DuraBlue? II Melters

DuraBlue? II Melters Provide easy, reliable material delivery for low to mid-speed adhesive bonding processes.

DuraBlue? Melters

DuraBlue? Melters Simple installation, set-up, operation and maintenance for automated and handgun manufacturing operations

DuraDrum? Bulk Melters (Heated)

DuraDrum? Bulk Melters (Heated) Simply, efficiently process hot melt materials, protecting adhesive integrity and providing production flexibility

DuraPail? Bulk Melters (Heated)

DuraPail? Bulk Melters (Heated) Bulk material processing with simple operation and low maintenance offers production flexibility

EX Hot Melt Adhesive Extruders

EX Hot Melt Adhesive Extruders Application flexibility for a range of processing temperatures and pressures

FoamMelt? Dispensing System

FoamMelt? Dispensing System Provides high-volume dispensing of foamed hot melt materials for a variety of bonding, sealing, gluing and gasketing applications

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