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Nordson Adhesives Division is a leading supplier of material delivery and dispensing equipment, systems and parts to a wide variety of non-durable, durable and technology goods for both industrial and consumer use. Efficient handling of hot melt and liquid / cold adhesives helps improve production processes, reduce material and maintenance costs, and results in higher-quality finished products.

Appliance & White Goods

Automated appliance gasketing & sealing applications
Dispensing systems for hot melt or ambient-temperature adhesive or sealant gasketing and bonding needed to efficiently produce high-performing appliances


Bonding, sealing and gasketing interior & exterior automotive components

Adhesive, sealant and butyl application systems handle a wide range of materials to assemble, bond and seal automotive components


EVA and PUR hot melt adhesive dispensing delivers high-quality, high-performance bookbinding. Comprehensive hot melt dispensing using PUR adhesive binding systems for soft & hardcover books, magazines and other perfect-bound products

Building & Home Construction

Adhesive & sealant dispensing equipment for durable building & construction product manufacturing Nordson adhesive & sealant dispensing systems help produce durable, high-quality structural and aesthetic building & construction products


Precision hot melt adhesive dispensing delivers durable, repeatable electronics product manufacturing. Systems increase productivity and quality of electronic assembly, gasketing, molding, encapsulating and shielding applications

Filter Manufacturing

Assembly, bonding, sealing and gasketing of filters and filter media Improve productivity in bonding, sealing and gasketing of filter media and consumer & industrial filters

Furniture & Woodworking

Produce high-quality furniture with precise adhesive application. Dispensing systems for hot melt, including reactive polyurethane (PUR), adhesives and sealants increase efficiency in manufacturing furniture and in woodworking applications

Hygiene and Medical Disposable

Dispense systems apply adhesives, lotions, fragrances and other materials for high-quality nonwoven disposable hygiene products. Systems apply adhesives, lotions, fragrances and other materials to support converting of rolled goods for disposable hygiene products


Case sealing in packaging with Solidblue applicators Nordson adhesive solutions efficiently apply adhesives to meet both form and function for package sealing, attachment and labeling

Paper & Paperboard Converting

Nordson liquid adhesive and detection for folding carton manufacturing Hot melt & liquid adhesive application and verification help convert various materials into folding cartons, corrugated boxes and bags/sacks for packaging, as well as support print…


Adhesive & sealant application systems for solar panel manufacturing Precise application of adhesive and sealant materials with Nordson solutions improves quality and longevity of energy producing systems

Tape and Label Stock

Hot melt adhesive coating systems for thorough coating in graphic arts and label industries. Coating systems integrate seamlessly into numerous presses and production machinery used in the tape and label industries, including label-stock manufacture

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