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Liquid Adhesive Equipment

Nordson liquid adhesive applicators provide precise, repeatable cold glue dispensing across a range of line speeds and pressures. Choices of contact and non-contact cold glue applicators and a variety of mounting options provide solutions that are best suited for cold adhesive application requirements.

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FP-900 Handguns

FP-900 Handguns Ambient-temperature dispensing guns ease flat panel gluing applications

LA 725 Pneumatic Applicators

LA 725 Pneumatic Applicators Contact or non-contact adhesive application in continuous or intermittent production with fast-cycle times and clean cutoff

LA 825 Series Electric Applicators

LA 825 Series Electric Applicators High-speed, rapid-cycling performance provide consistent, high-quality bond strength

LS 373 Spray Gun

LS 373 Spray Gun Adjustable, controlled spiral spray patterns for a wide range of cold adhesives for packaging, folding carton, converting and product assembly applications

LV 227 Bead Gun

LV 227 Bead Gun Accurate liquid adhesive bead deposition with precise cutoff and flow control

VarioCoat? Liquid Adhesive Applicators

VarioCoat? Liquid Adhesive Applicators Flexible liquid adhesive application for continuous or intermittent dispensing

WM 801 Series Electric Guns

WM 801 Series Electric Guns High-performance dispensing in high-speed intermittent packaging and converting applications

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