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Green Packaging Star Award 2018 for Nordson


Düsseldorf, Germany

Note:This article originally appeared in the online news of the Verpackungswirtschaft
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One of the coveted Green Packaging Star Awards 2018, which also entitles the company to participate in the World Star Awards, went to Nordson Deutschland GmbH, the European headquarters of the US-American adhesive technology specialist. The prize, jointly awarded by WPO member Packforce Austria, the Association of the Austrian Packaging Industry, and the Austrian trade magazine Kompack, was awarded at this year's FachPack and honours in particular environmentally friendly packaging as well as packaging-related improvements in operational processes in production, logistics and distribution.

Accordingly, the innovative Nordson ProBlue Liberty ATS system received an award in the "Production Process" category. This is an energy-saving and material-saving combination of the tankless ProBlue Liberty hot melt applicators and the adhesive flow rate control system ATS (Adhesive Tracking System), which is integrated into the melter or available as an upgrade kit.

The most significant feature of the ProBlue Liberty systems, which have been successfully installed in many end-of-line applications for some time now, is their enclosed nature and the fact that they do not require a conventional tank. They work like an instantaneous water heater and only provide the amount of adhesive actually needed. Melting only what is required results in shorter heating up and flow-through times and energy needs are considerably minimised.

The new ATS reliably measures the amount of adhesive actually delivered to save adhesive and increase process reliability. Tolerance limits can be defined so that a warning signal is triggered if the quantity is too low or too high. The line is stopped, if necessary. This not only optimises adhesive consumption, but also reduces rejects. In this way, batch-related and age-related changes to the adhesive viscosity and defects of individual applicators of the application system can be detected more quickly. Extensive data analysis and documentation is possible via a USB and fieldbus interface or web browser.
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