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About Adhesives

Adhesive Dispensing Systems delivers precision dispensing technology to diverse markets to help manufacturers: reduce material consumption; increase production efficiency; and enhance product strength, durability, brand and/or appearance.

Product Lines


Key Applications

Nonwovens Systems - Equipment for applying adhesive, lotions and liquids in the production of disposable hygiene and medical products.


Adult incontinence products; baby diapers and child training pants; disposable medical products and surgical drapes and gowns; feminine hygiene products; tissues and towels

Packaging Systems - Adhesive dispensing equipment used to produce shipping or shelf packaging of food, beverage and consumer products.


Beverage straw and spout attachment; convenience food packaging; case and corrugated box sealing; carton and sift-proof sealing; container and bottle labeling; pallet stabilization; tamper evident closure; bag & sack manufacturing; paperboard or plastic folding carton manufacturing

Product Assembly Systems - Adhesive and sealant dispensing equipment for assembly, bonding, sealing or converting of plastic, metal, wood, paper or textile based products.


Appliances; filter manufacturing; transportation vehicle components; wood or plastic building and construction materials; electronics; furniture; solar energy; windows and doors; bookbinding; tape & label production; carpet / textile converting



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Nordson adhesive’s steps toward sustainability are through helping customers understand your adhesive and energy use, helping customers put the less is more philosophy as a priority and replace…

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