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Industrial Applications

Discover industrial manufacturing solutions to support your business

What problem are you trying to solve? Whether it’s related to dispensing, coating, or laminating, bonding, sealing, or extruding, lubricating, testing, or most other manufacturing processes, Nordson's engineering expertise can help. We manufacture solutions for industrial applications, including fluid management systems and precision industrial dispensing equipment. Through our products and knowledge we can help meet your most demanding challenges, improve your productivity and reduce your costs. Browse our industrial products by application below, or use our faceted search function to find the industrial manufacturing solutions you need faster.

Biomaterial Dispensing

OsteoPrecision Graft Delivery Devices Dispense and control tissue sealant, hemostats, plasma gel, bone grafts and other medical fluids.  Syringes, connectors, fittings, catheters, FibriJet, OsteoExpress, OsteoPrecision,…


Bonding Overview of valves, regulators, dispensers and related products for bonding similar and dis-similar components.  High volume, low volume, automated and semi-automated solutions available.


Cleaning Nordson MARCH plasma gas equipment cleans and treats surfaces in semiconductor, printed circuit board and related electronics manufacturing operations. FlexVIA, FlexTRAK, more...

Coating - Liquid

Coating - Liquid Guns, applicators, pumps, sprayers, mixers, dispensers and accessories for liquid painting and other general liquid coating applications.  Trilogy, StediFlo, OptiMix, more...

Conformal Coating

Conformal - Coating

Nordson ASYMTEK's selective conformal coating systems provide many advantages for printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers at every level of production. Select Coat, Swirl Coat, more..

Container Coating

container_coating_thumb Overview of dispensing and curing systems used to coat, assemble, treat and cure metal food and beverage cans and containers.  EcoLiner, iTrax, CleanSpray, more...



Nordson offers a wide variety of products for dispense, pressure, temperature, flow, spray and pattern control in the application of adhesives, sealants, coatings and other fluids.

Dispensing - Cold Materials and Adhesives

Dispensing - Cold Materials and Adhesives A full range of valves, dispensers, cartridges, syringes, tips, pumps, applicators, guns and accessories for dispensing ambient temperature sealants, adhesives and other fluids. 

Dispensing - Fluids - General

Dispensing - Fluids - General Automated and semi-automated fluid dispensing systems, valves and related products for applying nearly any fluid in any volume in any application.  Nordson ASYMTEK, EFD, SEALANT…

Dispensing - Hot Melt Adhesive

Dispensing - Hot Melt Adhesive Improve packaging, nonwovens and general product assembly processes with our industry leading hot melt dispensing equipment and application expertise.  ProBlue, AltaBlue, Freedom...


Encapsulating Overview of valves, dispensers, mixers, metering systems and accessories for large scale and micro encapsulation in electronics, industrial and automotive manufacturing…


Extrusion Melt stream components for extrusion processes: barrier film and sheet, cast film, flexible packaging and more.  Dies, screws, barrels, pumps.

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